Valmadrera Windsurf Spot

The Valmadrera (Lecco) windsurfing spot is characterized by winds blowing from the northeast, perfect for those who enjoy morning sessions.

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Located near the port of Parè the Valmadrera Windsurf spot remains upwind of the kitesurf spot. It is suitable for experienced riders either with the Tivano thermal wind blowing in the early morning or with "ricaduta" winds when there are storms in the upper lake.

In this spot there is no beach so it is a bit difficult to access the lake.




This is the main wind in Valmadrera; it is a thermal wind that blows from the northeast in the early morning hours until it gradually drops around noon to give way to the Breva.

It is a periodic and very regular wind present all year round; its absence is synonymous with incoming bad weather.


In our jargon, it stands for that wind that anticipates or is generated by a thunderstorm condition.

These winds, which can take a variety of directions, are generated by precipitation that causes shifts of air that is conveyed within the mountains that frame our Lake.

In any case when a thunderstorm arrives from the north you will have the opportunity to make an exit at Dervio and then double session! It is recommended for only the most experienced kiters...paying strict attention to lightning!

Vento a Valmadrera