Freestyle / Wakestyle kitesurfing lessons

Freestyle and Wakestyle kitesurfing courses on Lake Como in Dervio between Lecco and Colico with professional and certified kitesurf instructors

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Come with us to Lake Como to learn kitesurfing with our official school to learn all there is to know about kitesurfing!

Kitesurfing is an adrenalin sport that makes you want to push yourself higher and higher; however, without a good setup it will be more difficult to reach your desired level and you might end up wasting a lot of time. 

This super advanced kitesurfing course will allow you to try your first jumps unhooking the sail from the harness to perform tricks in the air such as trying your first RALEYS or even spinning bar passes. 

It is a very physical discipline reminiscent of wakeboarding using the same concept of the driving force given by an element with a fixed height.

Kitesurfing freestyle/wakestyle course

The course consists of a theoretical part on the ground where the instructor will explain the various steps for the correct execution of the jump, starting from the simple POP to the body coordination needed during the various phases of your trick as well as the correct position of the kite for both the in-flight phase and the landing of the trick.

Once these theoretical elements have been established, all that remains is to go into the water and practice. 

The lesson is divided into a theoretical part on land (approx. 30 min) and 1 hour of practice in the water, where you will be closely supervised by our certified instructor with the support of a boat.

At the end of your hour's lesson, you can continue sailing independently and put yourself to the test!

It is compulsory to bring a medical certificate of suitability for taking part in sporting activities issued for non-competitive athlete status.


The price of the kitesurfing course:

Single lesson € 120,00 including equipment owned by Boarderline Surf School;

Single lesson € 90,00 with own equipment.

(* plus membership and insurance € 20,00)

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