Windsurfing on Lake Como

Windsurfing course for beginners on Lake Como in Dervio between Lecco and Colico

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Come to Lake Como to learn windsurfing, at our school you will learn the basics of windsurfing!

At Boarderline Surf School in addition to kitesurfing lessons we also conduct Windsurfing courses, both beginner and intermediate courses.

Learning the basics of windsurfing is easy and fun, thanks in part to the experience gained over the years by our instructors, who will pass on to you all the notions necessary for the practice of this adrenaline-pumping sport.

Located in Dervio (Lecco), at Porto Vecchio, a favorite spot for windsurfing, we offer basic courses for all ages and intermediate courses. Thanks to our staff we are able to run courses in Italian, English and German.


Windsurfing courses for beginners

Lessons are conducted individually so that the instructor can follow the student for the entire hour of lessons and support him or her in their learning journey.

You will be supervised by the instructor who on board the dinghy will give you all the directions and advice for your improvement. At the end of the lesson you will be taken back to shore.

All the equipment used is designed to make it easier to learn windsurfing techniques and is adapted to each participant, as well as being frequently serviced so that lessons are conducted safely.

The courses are held in Dervio, a great spot to start windsurfing, as having constant winds makes it easier and safer to learn, for the same reason lessons are done in the morning with light wind conditions.

Our windsurfing beginners course consists of 4 hours of lessons divided into 2 days:

Day 1

Theory + Practice

The theory hour is done on land and you will be explained the basic rules of windsurfing, the spot, winds, equipment and its assembly.

You will then move on to the practical part on the water where you will begin to become familiar with the equipment, keep your balance on the board, and learn sailing techniques.

Day 2

Navigation practice

The remaining two hours of the windsurfing course will be devoted entirely to on-water practice. Correction and improvement of navigation, gait and posture will be covered, up to and including the first board changes.


  • Complete equipment, board and sail, specially designed to facilitate learning chosen according to your characteristics;
  • Wetsuit, life jacket and helmet;
  • Membership and insurance;

It is compulsory to bring a medical certificate of suitability for taking part in sporting activities issued for non-competitive athlete status.


The price of the windsurfing course includes membership and insurance.

Basic course 200,00€ (4 hours);

Single lessons 60,00€ (1 hour).

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