Kitesurfing lessons for children

Kitesurfing courses designed appositely for children to learn in total safety whilst having fun

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Come with us to Lake Como to learn kitesurfing with our official school to learn all there is to know about kitesurfing!

At Boarderline Surf School we offer kitesurfing courses for all levels: from beginner to advanced, for more than 10 years we have been teaching the secrets of this adrenaline-pumping water sport to our students.

Learning to kitesurf is easy, fun and safe if you trust a school with truly experienced and professional teachers. 

Over the years we also specialised in catering to the needs of your children to make them love this incredible sport in total safety whilst still having fun.

Kite as a fun experience

The lessons will be conducted individually to allow the instructor to follow the child for the entire hour of lessons by letting him or her "play" with the sail, without neglecting any of the basic safety rules.

The equipment used will be suitable for their weight and stature and the lessons will be structured individually for each child. According to his or her needs.

The course is designed for children from 7 to 12 years of age. (Children must weigh a minimum of 35kg)

Children’s course:

  • A theoretical part is held on land, where kitesurfing equipment is shown, the assembly, safety systems and the spot.
  • A practical part that will be tailor-made for each child.

They will initially play and begin to gain confidence by handling the sail from the boat with the help of the instructor who will be at his side throughout the entire lesson.

Once they are familiar with the equipment they will move on to lessons in water to learn the techniques of body drag up to the starting with the board.

The approach and learning curve varies from child to child.

It will be the responsibility of the instructor to assess the type of lesson to be given each time for safety issues and to learn kitesurfing whilst having fun.

Lessons last 1 hour and include all the equipment needed throughout the course (wetsuit, kite, board, helmet, life jacket and harness).

Parents have the opportunity to follow the kitesurfing lessons from the boat and watch their child's learning and improvements.


The price of the kitesurfing course:

Single lesson of the duration of 1 hour 50 € (* plus membership and insurance € 20,00)

If the lesson has to be interrupted before 1 hour, the remaining time will be added to the next lesson.