Dervio Kitesurf Spots

The kitesurf spot in Dervio (Lecco, Italy) is perfect for medium-high levels and for sessions with south and north winds.

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The kitesurf spot in Dervio is located at the mouth of the Varrone River, perfect for your sessions with Breva, a characteristic thermal wind blowing from the south.

Coming from Milan, it is the first kite spot one encounters and is suitable for those who have achieved autonomy in kitesurfing. 

It should be kept in mind that it is closed for a period between June and July having to install the so-called "trestles," small mobile scaffolding used by local fishermen for the traditional Agone Fishing.

The kite area in this period is therefore always moved to Dervio next to the Porto Vecchio.

From here you can go out in both Breva (south wind) and North wind (if it is not gusty). Spot suitable for the more experienced because of the difficulty of entry and exit.

On the other hand, for those who still don't feel ready to go out in total autonomy...we are here!



This is a thermal wind, characteristic of this area in the months from April to October, especially in the afternoon hours (from noon until sunset).

It blows from the south and is a very constant wind, perfect for your sessions and lessons, it is suitable for all levels!


It is typical on spring days and after bad weather, coming down from the Alpine area and also blowing for several days in a row.

It is a wind characterized by strong gusts, which do not always allow you to practice these sports (kitesurfing and windsurfing) , but it happens sometimes that it gives us an optimal condition for your outings.

In northerly winds, it is not always possible to conduct lessons.

This wind, when it blows very strong, also allows for sessions between Mandello, Lecco and Valmadrera, where it arrives more distended, spots located in the southernmost part of Lake Como.

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