Kitesurfing lessons for advanced students

Advanced kitesurfing courses on Lake Como in Dervio between Lecco and Colico with professional and certified kitesurf instructors

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Come with us to Lake Como to learn kitesurfing with our official school to learn all there is to know about kitesurfing!

At Boarderline Surf School we offer kitesurfing courses for all levels: from beginner to advanced, for more than 10 years we have been teaching the secrets of this adrenaline-pumping water sport to our students. Learning to kitesurf is easy, fun and safe if you trust a school with truly experienced and professional teachers. There are many courses you can choose from taster, beginner, intermediate and advanced, according to your individual needs!

Our Advanced Kitesurfing Course is suitable for all kiters who, having reached the most total autonomy, still feel the need to learn something new or simply perfect their basic tricks, which can range from jumping to front or back rolls.

Kitesurfing advanced course

In this course, you will learn how to coordinate your body, sail and board to prepare for your first jump, handle the kite during the in-flight phase and how land correctly and in total safety on your own. 

Thanks to our vast experience in teaching kitesurfing, we know that the learning curve of each person's tricks is different and we monitor each student individually with personalised advice, modifying and adapting each kitesurfing clinic to the student.

Book your lesson with one of our qualified instructors who, after a brief theory on land, will accompany you into the water and give you all the right tips to approach your first jumps or to improve your technique and progress faster in your tricks!

The lesson is divided into a theoretical part on land (approx. 30 min) and 1 hour of practice in the water, where you will be closely supervised by our certified instructor with the support of a boat.

At the end of your hour's lesson, you can continue sailing independently and put yourself to the test!

It is compulsory to bring a medical certificate of suitability for taking part in sporting activities issued for non-competitive athlete status.


The price of the kitesurfing course:

Single lesson € 120,00 including equipment owned by Boarderline Surf School;

Single lesson € 90,00 with own equipment.

(* plus membership and insurance € 20,00)