Windsurf Spots on Lake Como

Here you can find some info about the best windsurf spot on Lake Como.

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This is basic information about some spots on Lake Como, but rule n. 1 always ask locals when trying to go out to a new spot.

Dervio Windsurf Spot

The windsurfing spot in Dervio (Lecco, Italy) is located near the Porto Vecchio and loved by experienced windsurfers for both Breva and North wind outings.

The windsurfing spot in Dervio is located to the left of the Porto Vecchio situated on a spacious meadow that allows you to set up your equipment in comfort.

Although it is elevated above Lake level there are steps that make it easy to enter the water.

Beloved by the more experienced both for trips with the Breva, a thermal wind blowing from the south, and with the North wind.

Colico Windsurf Spot

Colico windsurfing spot (Lecco) is located on the right side of the river, beautiful spot for the width and ease of entry and exit, spot suitable for all levels.

Colico windsurf spot is located next to the kite area on the right side of the river.

Beautiful spot for windsurfers because of its width and ease of entry and exit, large parking lot and equipped beach.

Windsurfing spot suitable for experts but also for beginners when the Breva blows.


Valmadrera Windsurf Spot

The Valmadrera (Lecco) windsurfing spot is characterized by winds blowing from the northeast, perfect for those who enjoy morning sessions.

Located near the port of Parè the Valmadrera Windsurf spot remains upwind of the kitesurf spot. It is suitable for experienced riders either with the Tivano thermal wind blowing in the early morning or with "ricaduta" winds when there are storms in the upper lake.

In this spot there is no beach so it is a bit difficult to access the lake.

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