Kitesurfing lessons for beginners

Beginner's kitesurfing courses on Lake Como in Dervio between Lecco and Colico with professional and certified kitesurf instructors.

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Come with us to Lake Como to learn kitesurfing with our official school to learn all there is to know about kitesurfing!

At Boarderline Surf School we offer kitesurfing courses for all levels: from beginner to advanced, for more than 10 years we have been teaching the secrets of this adrenaline-pumping water sport to our students. Learning to kitesurf is easy, fun and safe if you trust a school with truly experienced and professional teachers. There are many courses you can choose from taster, beginner, intermediate and advanced, according to your individual needs!

Thanks to our vast experience in teaching kitesurfing, we know that the evolution curve of each person is different and we monitor each student individually with personalised advice, modifying and adapting each kitesurfing lesson to the student.

Kitesurfing beginner course

The Kitesurfing Course for Beginners is ideal for getting to know and enjoy this exhilarating sport in total safety. 

This course lasts three days, during which you learn all the basics of kitesurfing, although depending on your progress you may still need a few more lessons to consolidate what you have learnt before becoming self-sufficient.

The BEGINNER KITESURF COURSE consists of 4 one-hour lessons: 1h theory + 3h practice;

The first 2 lessons are usually held on the same day, so the theoretical concepts are immediately put into practice with the second lesson.

The other 2 hours, body drag and board handling, being pretty intensive lessons, are usually carried out on successive days to help you consolidate what you’ve learnt.

 The duration of the course consists of a minimum of 3 days, which can be non-consecutive depending on our benevolent wind god Aeolus!

All lessons are conducted individually by a certified IKO instructor who, with the support of a boat will follow you closely and safely.

At the end of each lesson, you will be immediately taken back to the shore without having to wait on the boat.

Day 1
Theory and first flight

The course starts with the general theory concerning the dynamics of kitesurfing, the spot, winds the flight window, upwind-sidewind and downwind sailing and rights of way; continuing with the set up of the equipment and its safety systems.

Afterwards, as the wind rises, you will go out on the water with the instructor, who in total safety once you have reached the spot with the best wind conditions, will inflate and show you how the kite works and how to control it, making you do the first exercises in piloting the sail to develop mastery and familiarity with the kite as well as practising the operations needed to activate the safety systems.

The lesson takes place on board a boat without necessarily entering the water with the aid of a harness strapped around your torso. 

Day 2
Body Drag

As with your first flight, you will go out on the water with the instructor, who in total safety once you have reached the spot with the best wind conditions will briefly review the safety systems and basic piloting techniques, after which you will start piloting the kite by yourself in the water, initially without the board.

This is a very important lesson in which you’ll learn how to coordinate your body in the water with the sail. 

You will do exercises that will enable you to acquire the basic movements and dynamics of this sport to be towed by the sail downwind and subsequently control the kite with one hand sidewind; towards the end of the lesson, you should be able to move the kite whilst in the water and lift the kite out of the water in total safety.

Day 3

Water starts with the board

After having acquired the indispensable 'body drag' techniques and becoming familiar with the kite, you are now ready to start working with the board trying the so-called 'water start'.

You will learn to bring the board to your feet in the water and coordinate the movement of the kite to acquire the right power that will allow you to rise above the surface.

By maintaining a constant sail pull, position and balance you will begin to make your first metres on the board. 

The instructor will be on hand throughout the hour-long lesson to correct your mistakes and demonstrate the right stance needed to lift off the water. He will also help you with retrieving the board, giving you more time to rehearse your starts.


  • The lessons include all necessary equipment: kite, board, wetsuit, harness, helmet, and life vest.
  • At the end of the course, we will issue an IKO international kiteboarding card stating the level reached in your course (this will be your kiteboarding licence.
  • Third Party Insurance.

It is compulsory to bring a medical certificate of suitability for taking part in sporting activities issued for non-competitive athlete status.


The price of the kitesurfing course includes membership and insurance.

Basic kitesurfing course for adults € 300,00;

Single 1-hour lesson € 85,00. (* plus membership and insurance € 20,00)

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