Service for children Miniclub / Babyclub

After school or during your kite session we will organize activities for your little boys and girls to introduce them to the world of kitesurfing and beyond.

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We have really thought of everything...and everyone! Miniclub / Babyclub!

We try to involve more and more people within our Association, and a space we want to give to babies and children as well.

We believe so much in the potential of young people and we like to spur them on to new adventures.

We will organize afternoons for them to get them into the world of kitesurfing and board sports in general and not only... we will help them with their homework, make them play, have fun and team up.

Whether it's after school or during your kite session, Guia will think of them with many activities designed especially for their free time in the company of new friends!

This Miniclub / Babyclub service will run on designated days during the months of June, July and August.

Contact us for more info.